Chloe Q&A


    Personal Achievements:
    I am a mum of a 5 year old daughter. Last year while working part-time I completed a qualification in Animal Care. I also specialise in hair straightening and love it!

    Who do you get your inspiration from?
    My boss Debbie, also Pinterest, hair and fashion magazines and celebrities.

    What products are your present favs?
    I love moisture recovery balm, it keeps my thermally reconditioned hair in amazing condition. Then the Blow out creme is perfect to protect when I blow dry. Joico products are great products at a great price too.

    What sort of music are you currently listening to?
    I listen to a huge range of music. Anything from the latest pop to hip hop.

    What do you do in your down time?
    I like to go to the the gym and spend time with my daughter.

    What type of movies do you watch?
    Horrors, Comedies and Thrillers. I love sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what may happen next.

    What do you love most about your profession?
    Making somebody else feel great about themselves!

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