Debbie Q&A


    Personal Achievements:
    Promises is one of my biggest achievements.  I started Promises in 1987, I am more passionate about the industry than ever before.  It is such a great industry.

    Who do you get your inspiration from?
    I people watch, use Pinterest and will always attend any artist doing shows locally.

    What products are your present favs?
    I LOVE Body Shake, the texture it gives to my own hair is so important for the textured messy look I love, I do put alot in!!! The coolest product is the JOICO moisture Co-Wash, it is a wash that conditions at the same time, EASY! plus makes the hair feel great. Good for the gym or holiday bag.

    What sort of music are you currently listening to?
    I absolutely love easy listening as anyone coming to the salon knows. Plus a few oldies too 🙂

    What do you do in your down time?
    My down time is spent with my horses. I am happy in the paddock and fresh air.

    What type of movies do you watch?
    I am soooo a Disney girl! I like to laugh at a movie and also at myself.

    What do you love most about your profession?
    I really feel so privileged to be able to change a persons life by changing their look. Never underestimate what a new look can do to change how you feel inside!!!

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